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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Citation
Mar-2017Zone Plate Fabrication Using a Low Power Femtosecond LaserRodrigues, Vanessa R. M.; Devangad, Praveen; Ramachandran, Hema; +3 Co-AuthorsAdvanced Science Letters, 2017, Vol.23, p1745–1748
Jul-2016Theoretical optimal modulation frequencies for scattering parameter estimation and ballistic photon filtering in diffusing mediaPanigrahi, Swapnesh; Fade, Julien Fade; Ramachandran, Hema; Alouini, MehdiOptics Express, 2016, Vol.24, p16066-16083
Dec-2014Time-delayed Intensity-Interferometry with Light from Laser-Cooled AtomsOllakkan, Muhamed Shafi; Pandey, Deepak; Ramachandran, HemaProceedings of Fiber Optics and Photonics (PHOTONICS), 2014 12th International Conference, Kharagpur,13–16 December 2014
Dec-2013Intensity-Intensity Correlation of Light from an Ultracold Thermal SourceButi, Suryabrahmam; Ollakkan, Muhamed Shaf; Girish, B.S.; Pandey, Deepak; Ramachandran, HemaKiran - a Bulletin of the Indian Laser Association, 2013, p12
Aug-2011An information theoretic study of number-phase complementarity in a four level atomic systemSharma, A.; Srikanth, R.; Banerjee, Subhashish; Ramachandran, HemaarXiv e-prints, 2011, p8
Jan-2009Localization of light by magnetically tuned correlated disorder : Trapping of light in ferrofluidsShalini, M.; Ramachandran, Hema; Kumar, N.arXiv e-prints, 2009, p14
Sep-2000Using Talbot lattices for quantum state manipulationRamachandran, Hema; Ellmann, Harald; Jersblad, Johan; Kastberg, AndersInternational Conference on Quantum Electronics(Cat. No.00TH8504), 10-15 September 2000
Apr-2020Synthesis and third order optical nonlinearity studies of toluidine tartrate single crystal supported by photophysical characterization and vibrational spectral analysisGeorge, Merin; Dominic, Priya; Philip, Reji; +3 Co-AuthorsJournal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A: Chemistry, 2020, Vol.393, p112413
Jun-1999The backscattering of polarised light from turbid media - An analysis of the azimuthal intensity variations and its implications for the position of the source of diffusing radiationGopal, Venkatesh; Ramachandran, Hema; Sood, A.K.eprint arXiv:cond-mat/9906227, 1999
Dec-2020FeCoCr alloy-nanoparticle embedded bamboo-type carbon nanotubes for non-linear optical limiting applicationKumar, Rajeev; Kumar, Ajay; Verma, Nancy; Philip, Reji; Sahoo, BalaramJournal of Alloys and Compounds, 2020, Vol.849, p156665
Dec-2020Synthesis, growth and characterization of guanidinium hippurate monohydrate single crystals: A new third order nonlinear optical materialJohn, Jerin Susan; Joy, Nithin; Philip, Reji; +3 Co-AuthorsOptical Materials, 2020, Vol.110, p110493
Oct-2020Effect of the band gap and the defect states present within band gap on the non-linear optical absorption behaviour of yttrium aluminium iron garnetsKumar, Ajay; Kumar, Rajeev; Verma, Nancy; Philip, Reji; +3 Co-AuthorsOptical Materials, 2020, Vol.108, p 110163
Oct-2020Dynamics of mode-locked nanolasers based on Hermite-Gaussian modesSun, Yifan; Combrié, Sylvain; Rossi, Alfredo De; Bretenaker, FabienPhysical Review A, 2020, Vol.102, Article. No.043503
Oct-2020Fabrication of durable superhydrophilic silicon surfaces using nanosecond laser pulsesVerma, Nancy; Anoop, K K; Dominic, Priya; Philip, RejiJournal of Applied Physics, 2020, Vol. 128, p135304
Sep-2020Ni Nanoparticles Coated with Nitrogen-Doped Carbon for Optical Limiting ApplicationsKumar, Rajeev; Kumar, Ajay; Verma, Nancy; Philip, Reji; +2 Co-AuthorsACS Applied Nano Materials, 2020, Vol.3, p8618–8631
Oct-2020Observation of ion acceleration in nanosecond laser generated plasma on a nickel thin film under rear ablation geometryThomas, Jinto; Joshi, Hem Chandra; Kumar, Ajai; Philip, RejiPhysical Review E, 2020, Vol. 102, Article No.043205
Jun-2020Probing functional group dependence in dissociative electron attachment using negative ion momentum imagingGokhale, S; Gope, Krishnendu; Krishnakumar, E; +5 Co-AuthorsJournal of Physics: Conference Series, 2020, Vol.1412, Article No.132046
Jun-2020Electron attachment and quantum coherence in molecular hydrogenPrabhudesai, Vaibhav S.; Mason, N.J.; Krishnakumar, E.Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 2020, Vol.1412, Article No.052006
Jun-2020Ultrashort Laser-Induced Periodic Surface Structures on Crystalline SiliconAnoop, K K; Verma, Nancy; Joy, Nithin; Philip, RejiAIP Conference Proceedings, 2020, Vol.2244, p070019, Proceedings of the International Conference on Physics of Materials and Nanotechnology ICPN 2019
Jun-2020Nanosecond Laser Surface Texturing of Crystalline Silicon in Ambient Air and WaterArjun, Kandya Karimbana; Anoop, K K; Philip, RejiAIP Conference Proceedings, 2020, Vol.2244, p070010, Proceedings of the International Conference on Physics of Materials and Nanotechnology ICPN 2019
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 539