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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Citation
Oct-2021Helicity inversion and generation of orthogonal, degenerate index states of generic C pointsKomal, Baby; Deepa, S; Pal, S.K.; Ram, B S Bhargava; Kumar, Sunil; Senthilkumaran, PJournal of Optics, 2021, Vol. 23, Article Number114001
Feb-2021Nonlinear optical absorption in PVA films doped by the novel natural dye extract from C. redflash leavesHaripadmam, P.C.; Thanuja, T.H.; Varsha, G.S.; Beryl, C.D.; Aji, AlexanderOptical Materials, 2021, Vol.112, p110804
Jul-2021Synthesis, growth and characterization of benzylideneaniline compounds: N-(4-bromobenzylidene)-4-fluoroaniline and N-(4-bromobenzylidene)-4-methoxyanilineSubashinia, A.; Veeramani, V.; Thamaraiselvi, K.; Crochet, Aurelien; Rose, Priya; Philip, Reji; Ramesh Babu, R.; K., RamamurthiOptical Materials, 2021, Vol.117, p111081
Jun-2021Enhanced optical nonlinearity in beta-MnO2 nanowire network decorated with Ag nanoparticlesKumar, Manish; Perumbilavil, Sreekanth; Goel, Alok; Philip, RejiOptical Materials, 2021, Vol.118, p111226
May-2021Emergence of quantum phases for the interacting helical liquid of topological quantum matterKumar, Ranjith R.; Rahul, S.; Narayan, Surya; Sarkar, SujitPramana - Journal of Physics, 2021, Vol.95, p54
Jun-2021Device-independent bounds from Cabello’s nonlocality argumentRai, Ashutosh; Pivoluska, Matej; Plesch, Martin; Sasmal, Souradeep; Banik, Manik; Ghosh, SibasishPhysical Review A, 2021, Vol.103, p062219
May-2021Tuning the nonlinear optical properties by engineering donor-acceptor configurations in nitrochalone derivativesUndavalli, Gopi; Joseph, Mary; Arjun, K. K; Philip, Reji; Anand, Benoy; Rao, G. NageswaraOptical Materials, 2021, Vol.115, p111024
Jun-2021All acousto-optic modulator laser system for a 12 m fountain-type dual-species atom interferometerHe, Chuan; Yan, Sitong; Zhou, Lin; Barthwal, Sachin; Xu, Rundong; Zhou, Chao; Ji, Yuhang; Wang, Qi; Hou, Zhuo; Wang, Jin; Zhan, MingshengApplied Optics, 2021, Vol.60, p5258-5265
Jun-2021Structure and dynamics of the negative-ion resonance in H2, D2, and HD at 10 eVSwain, Suvasis; Krishnakumar, E.; Prabhudesai, Vaibhav S.Physical Review A, 2021, Vol.103, p062804
May-2021Microwave-driven generation and group delay control of optical pulses from an ultra-dilute atomic ensembleSaaswath, J. K.; Pradosh, K. N.; Adwaith, K. V.; Sanders, Barry C.; Bretenaker, Fabien; Narayanan, AndalOptics Express, 2021, Vol.29, pp15940
Aug-2021Vibrational spectra, linear and nonlinear optical investigations on 3‑chloro 4-fluoro aniline and 2-iodo aniline for optical limiting applicationsGeorge, Merin; Sajan, D; Sankar, Pranitha; Philip, RejiJournal of Moelcular Structure, 2021, Vol. 1238, p130412
Mar-2021Fabrication of Silver-Decorated Graphene Oxide Nanohybrids via Pulsed Laser Ablation with Excellent Antimicrobial and Optical Limiting PerformanceNancy, Parvathy; Jose, Jiya; Joy, Nithin; Valluvadasan, Sivakumaran; Philip, Reji; Antoine, Rodolphe; Thomas, Sabu; Kalarikkal, NandakumarNanomaterials, 2021, Vol. 11, p880
May-2021Imaging through fog using quadrature lock-in discriminationKumar, Shashank; Debnath, Bapan; Meena, M.S.; Fade, Julien; Dhar, Sankar; Alouini, Mehdi; Bretenaker, Fabien; Ramachandran, HemaOSA Continuum, 2021, Vol. 4,p.1649-1657
Mar-2021Generation of squeezed light vacuum enabled by coherent population trappingNeveu, P; Delpy, J; Liu, S; Banerjee, C; Lugani, J; Bretenaker, Fabien; Brion, E; Goldfarb, FOptics Express, 2021, Vol.29, pp10471-10479
Apr-2021Analytical seven-wave model for wave propagation in a degenerate dual-pump fiber phase sensitive amplifierChatterjee, Debanuj; Yousra, Bouasria; Goldfarb, Fabienne; Bretenaker, FabienJournal of the Optical Society of America B, 2021, Vol. 38, p1112-1124
Apr-2021Optical limiting behavior of the natural dye extract from Indigofera Tinctoria leavesDas, Beryl Chandramohan; Niranjan, Reji; Philip, RejiOptical Materials, 2021, Vol. 114, pp110925
Feb-2021Digital communication using a cyclic level scheme in an atomic radio-over-fiber devicePradosh, K N; Adwaith, K V; Meena, M.S.; Narayanan, AndalApplied Physics Letters, 2021, Vol.118, p064001
Jan-2021Broadband negative group velocity dispersion in all-dielectric metamaterial and its role in supercontinuum generationVaity, Pravin; Sagar, Rishav; Dharmadhikari, J.A.; +3 Co-AuthorsOptics Letters, 2021, Vol.46, No. 2, p. 182-185
Dec-2020Laser-driven Marangoni flow and vortex formation in a liquid dropletGupta, Krishnkumar; Kolwankar, Kiran M.; Dharmadhikari, Jayashree A.; Gore, Bhalchandra; Dharmadhikari, A.K.Physics of Fluids, 2020, Vol.32, p121701
Dec-2020Mechanistic insights into the optical limiting performance of carbonaceous nanomaterials embedded with core–shell type graphite encapsulated Co nanoparticlesKumar, Rajeev; Kumar, Ajay; Verma, Nancy; Philip, Reji; Sahoo, BalaramPhysical Chemistry Chemical Physics , 2020, Vol. 22, p27224
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 539