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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Citation
17-Jan-2023The Experiments That Led to the Nobel Prize in Physics 2022Sinha, UrbasiResonance, 2023, Vol.28, p85
1-Mar-2023Influence of nitro group on solvatochromism, nonlinear optical properties of 3-morpholinobenzanthrone: Experimental and theoretical studyThomas, Anup; Kirilova, Elena M.; Nagesh, B.V.; Chaitanya, G. Krishna; Philip, Reji; Manohara, S.R.; Sudeeksha, H.C.; Siddlingeshwar, B.-
17-Nov-2022Fluorescence and Nonlinear Optical Response of Graphene Quantum Dots Produced by Pulsed Laser Irradiation in TolueneNancy, Parvathy; Joy, Nithin; Valluvadasan, Sivakumaran; Philip, Reji; Thomas, Sabu; Antoine, Rodolphe; Kalarikkal, NandakumarMolecules, 2022, Vol. 27, p7988
1-Jul-2022Improved imaging through flame and smoke using blue LED and quadrature lock-in discrimination algorithmDebnath, Bapan; Dharmadhikari, Jayashree A.; Meena, M.S; Ramachandran, Hema; Dharmadhikari, Aditya K.Optics and Lasers in Engineering, 2022, Vol. 154, p107045
8-Aug-2022High-resolution MCP-TimePix3 imaging/timing detector for antimatter physicsGloggler, L; Caravita, R; Auzins, M; Bergmann, B; Brusa, R.S.; Burian, P; Camper, A; Castelli, F; Cheinet, P; Ciuryło, R; Comparat, D; Consolati, G; Doser, M; Gjersda, H; Graczykowski, L; Guatieri, F; Haider, S; Huck, S; Janik, M; Kasprowicz, G; Khatri, G; Kłosowski, L; Kornakov, G; Malbrunot, C; Mariazzi, S; Nowak, L; Nowicka, D; Oswald, E; Penasa, L; Piwiński, M; Pospisil, S; Povolo, L; Prelz, F; Rangwala, S.A.; Rienäcker, B; Røhne, O.M.; Sandaker, H; Sowinski, T; Stek, I; Tefelski, D; Volponi, M; Wolz, T; Zimmer, C; Zawada, M; Zurlo, NMeasurement Science and Technology, 2022, Vol. 33, p115105
28-Jul-2022Entanglement protection in higher-dimensional systemsSingh, Ashutosh; Sinha, UrbasiPhysica Scripta, 2022, Vol.97, p085104
1-Sep-2022Linear and nonlinear optical investigations of (E) − 4 methyl-2-(N-Phenylcarboximidoyl) phenol supported by vibrational spectral analysis for photonic applicationsGeorge, Merin; Malarselvi, R.Ida; Thiruvalluvar, A.; Dominic, Priya; Sajana, D.; Philip, RejiMaterials Science and Engineering B, 2022, Vol. 283, p115860
10-Jun-2022Homonuclear ion-atom collisions: Application to Li+−LiJoshi, N.; Niranjan, M.; Pandey, A.; Dulieu, Olivier; Cote, Robin; Rangwala, S.A.Physical Review A, 2022, Vol.105, p063311
27-May-2022Self-testing quantum states via nonmaximal violation in Hardy’s test of nonlocalityRai, Ashutosh; Pivoluska, Matej; Sasmal, Souradeep; Banik, Manik; Ghosh, Sibashish; Plesch, MartinPhysical Review A, 2022, Vol.105 (5), Article No.052227
1-Apr-2022Testing quantum foundations with quantum computersSadana, Simanraj; Maccone, Lorenzo; Sinha, UrbasiPhysical Review Research, 2022, Vol. 34 Article No. L022001
29-Jun-2021Analysis of Multipolar Linear Paul Traps for Ion–Atom Ultracold Collision ExperimentsNiranjan, M.; Prakash, Anand; Rangwala, S.A.Atoms, 2021, Vol.9, p38
3-Mar-2022The role of defects in the nonlinear optical absorption behavior of pristine and Co-doped V2O5 layered 2D nanostructuresMenon, P. Soumya; Thomas, Susmi Anna; Anjana, M.P.; Beryl, C.; Sajan, D.; Vinitha, G.; Philip, RejiJournal of Alloys and Compounds, 2022, Vol.907, Article No.164413
4-Mar-2022Functionalized electrospun nanofibers integrated with Ag/Au nanoparticles as a platform for enhanced nonlinearityGeorge, Nisha; Subha, Radhu; Mary, N.L.; George, Agnes; Anoop, VOptical and Quantum Electronics, 2022, Vol. 54, Article No. 198
30-Nov-2021Handedness control in polarization lattice fields by using spiral phase filtersPal, Sushanta Kumar; Arora, Gauri; Ruchi; Senthilkumaran, P.Applied Physics Letters, 2021, Vol.119, p221106
13-Mar-2015Dynamics of neutrals and ions in an ultrafast laser produced Zn plasmaSmijesh, N.; Rao, Kavya H.; Philip, RejiPhysics of Plasmas. 2015, Vol. 22. p033509
4-Apr-2015l-Glutamic acid functionalized silver nanoparticles and its nonlinear optical applicationsNidya, M.; Umadevi, M.; Sankar, Pranitha; Rajkumar, Beulah J. M.Journal of Materials Science : Materials in Electronics, 2015, Vol.26, p4124
23-Mar-2012Enhanced optical nonlinearity in β-AgVO3 nanobelts on decoration with Ag nanoparticlesParida, Manas R.; Vijayan, C.; Rout, C.S.; Suchand Sandeep, C.S.; Philip, RejiApplied Physics Letters, 2012, Vol.100, p121119
Aug-2012The uncertainity product of position and momentum in classical dynamicsUsha Devi, A.R.; Karthik, H.S.American Journal of Physics, 2012, Vol. 80, p708
Jan-2022Loophole-Free Interferometric Test of Macrorealism Using Heralded Single PhotonsJoarder, Kaushik; Saha, Debashis; Home, Dipankar; Sinha, UrbasiPRX Quantum : a Physical Review journal, 2022, Vol. 3, p010307
Dec-2010Room Temperature Ferromagnetism and Optical Limiting in V2O5 Nanoflowers Synthesized by a Novel MethodParida, Manas R.; Vijayan, C.; Rout, C.S.; Sandeep, Suchand C.S.; Philip, Reji; Deshmukh, P.C.Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 2011, Vol. 115, p112-117
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 559