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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Citation
Oct-2015One-pot synthesis of silica-hybridized Ag2S-CuS nanocomposites with tunable nonlinear optical propertiesMary, Ann K.A.; Unnikrishnan, N.V.; Philip, RejiMaterials Research Bulletin, 2015, Vol. 70, p321-327
14-May-2015On the superposition principle in interference experimentsSinha, Aninda; Vijay, Aravind H; Sinha, UrbasiScientifc Reports, 2015, Vol. 5, 10304
10-Aug-2015Syntheses, spectroscopic, electrochemical, and third-order nonlinear optical studies of a hybrid tris{ruthenium(alkynyl)/(2-phenylpyridine)}iridium complexZhao, Huajian; Simpson, Peter V; Roy, Nivya; Philip, Reji; +6 Co-authorsChemistry - A European Journal, 2015, Vol.21, p11843
14-Sep-2015Effects of linear and quadratic dispersive couplings on optical squeezing in an optomechanical systemSainadh, Satya U.; Anil Kumar, M.Physical Review A, 2015, Vol.92, p033824
3-Aug-2015White light Z-scan measurements of ultrafast optical nonlinearity in reduced graphene oxide nanosheets in the 400–700 nm regionPerumbilavil, Sreekanth; Sankar, Pranitha; Rose, Priya; Philip, RejiApplied Physics Letters, 2015, Vol.107, p051104
Oct-2015Nonlinear optical property and fluorescence quenching behavior of PVP capped ZnS nanoparticles co-doped with Mn2+ and Sm3+Prasanth, S.; Irshad, P.; Raj, Rithesh D.; Vineeshkumar, T.V.; Philip, Reji; Sundarasanakumar, C.Journal of Luminescence, 2015, Vol. 166, p167-175
Dec-2013The effect of environmental coupling on tunneling of quasiparticles in Josephson junctionsAnsari, Mohammad H.; Wilhelm, Frank K.; Sinha, Urbasi; Sinha, AnindaSuperconductor Science and Technology, 2013,Vol.26, p125013
24-Oct-2014Anomalous growth of multi-phased and multi-dimensional Manganese oxide–Metal (Fe, Co and Ni) oxide nanostructures: Synthesis and optical limiting propertiesSridharan, Kishore; Roy, Nivya; Philip, Reji; Park, Tae JooJournal of Alloys and Compounds, 2014, Vol. 611, p82-90
23-Jun-2010Quantumness in a decoherent quantum walk using measurement-induced disturbanceSrikanth, R.; Banerjee, Subhashish; Chandrashekar, C.M.Physical Review A, 2010, Vol.81, 062123
Apr-2010Transverse laser cooling of a thermal atomic beam of dysprosiumLeefer, N.; Cingoz, A.; Gerber-Siff, B.; Sharma, Arijit; Torgerson, J.R.; Budker, D.Physical Review A, 2010, Vol.81, p043427