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Title: Disk luminosity and angular momentum for accreting, weak field neutron stars in the 'slow' rotation approximation
Authors: Datta, Bhaskar
Thampan, Arun V.
Wiita, P.J.
Keywords: stars: accretion;
stars: accretion disks;
stars: neutron;
stars: rotation;
Issue Date: 1995
Publisher: Indian Academy of Sciences, Bangalore, India.
Citation: Journal of Astrophysics and Astronomy, 1995, Vol. 16, p357-374.
Abstract: For accretion on to neutron stars possessing weak surface magnetic fields and substantial rotation rates (corresponding to the secular instability limit), we calculate the disk and surface layer luminosities general relativistically using the Hartle & Thorne formalism, and illustrate these quantities for a set of representative neutron star equations of state. We also discuss the related problem of the angular momentum evolution of such neutron stars and give a quantitative estimate for this accretion driven change in angular momentum. Rotation always increases the disk luminosity and reduces the rate of angular momentum evolution. These effects have relevance for observations of low-mass X-ray binaries.
ISSN: 0250-6335
Copyright: Indian Academy of Sciences, Bangalore, India.
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