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Title: Random matrix spectral form factor in kicked interacting fermionic chains
Authors: Roy, Dibyendu
Prosen, Tomaž
Issue Date: Dec-2020
Publisher: American Physical Society
Citation: Physical Review E, 2020, Vol.102, Article No.060202(R)
Abstract: We study quantum chaos and spectral correlations in periodically driven (Floquet) fermionic chains with long-range two-particle interactions, in the presence and absence of particle number conservation ( U(1) ) symmetry. We analytically show that the spectral form factor precisely follows the prediction of random matrix theory in the regime of long chains, and for timescales that exceed the so-called Thouless/Ehrenfest time which scales with the size L as O(L2) , or O(L0) , in the presence, or absence of U(1) symmetry, respectively. Using random phase assumption which essentially requires long-range nature of interaction, we demonstrate that the Thouless time scaling is equivalent to the behavior of the spectral gap of a classical Markov chain, which is in the continuous-time (Trotter) limit generated, respectively, by a gapless XXX , or gapped XXZ , spin-1/2 chain Hamiltonian.
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Copyright: 2020 American Physical Society
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