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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Citation
Jun-2020Active velocity processes with suprathermal stationary distributions and long-time tailsBanerjee, Tirthankar; Basu, Urna; Maes, ChristianPhysical Review E, 2020, Vol.101, Article No.062130
Jun-2020Run-and-tumble particles in two dimensions: Marginal position distributionsSantra, Ion; Basu, Urna; Sabhapandit, SanjibPhysical Review E, 2020, Vol.101, Article No.062120
Jan-2020Entropy production for partially observed harmonic systemsGupta, Deepak; Sabhapandit, SanjibJournal of Statistical Mechanics: Theory and Experiment, 2020, Vol.1, Article No.013204
Dec-2019Long-time position distribution of an active Brownian particle in two dimensionsBasu, Urna; Majumdar, Satya N.; Rosso, Alberto; Schehr, GrégoryPhysical Review E, 2019, Vol.100, p062116
Jun-2019Dynamics of hybrid junctions of Majorana wiresBondyopadhaya, Nilanjan; Roy, DibyenduPhysical Review B, 2019, Vol.99, p214514
May-2020Amplification and cross-Kerr nonlinearity in waveguide quantum electrodynamicsVinu, Athul; Roy, DibyenduPhysical Review A, 2020, Vol.101, p053812
Mar-2020Likelihood theory in a quantum world: Tests with quantum coins and computersMaitra, Arpita; Samuel, J.; Sinha, SupurnaPramana, 2020, Vol.94, p57
19-Feb-2020Dynamical correlations of conserved quantities in the one-dimensional equal mass hard particle gasKundu, Aritra; Dhar, Abhishek; Sabhapandit, SanjibJournal of Statistical Mechanics: Theory and Experiment, 2020, Article No.023205
4-Feb-2020Exact stationary state of a run-and-tumble particle with three internal states in a harmonic trapBasu, Urna; Majumdar, Satya N; Sabhapandit, Sanjib; +2 Co-AuthorsJournal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical, 2020, Vol.53, p09LT01
7-Feb-2020Dimensionally restricted causal set quantum gravity: examples in two and three dimensionsCunningham, William J; Surya, SumatiClassical and Quantum Gravity, 2020, Vol.37, p054002
5-Nov-2019Anomalous Heat Transport in One Dimensional Systems: A Description Using Non-local Fractional-Type Diffusion EquationDhar, Abhishek; Kundu, Anupam; Kundu, AritraFrontiers in Physics, 2019, Vol.7, p25
Dec-2019Spectral dimension on spatial hypersurfaces in causal set quantum gravityEichhorn, Astrid; Surya, Sumati; Versteegen, FleurClassical and Quantum Gravity, 2019, Vol.36, p235013
Dec-2019The causal set approach to quantum gravitySurya, SumatiLiving Reviews in Relativity, 2019, Vol.22, p5
15-Sep-2019Quantum propagation in Smolin’s weak coupling limit of 4D Euclidean gravityVaradarajan, MadhavanPhysical Review D, 2019, Vol.100, p066018
Sep-2019Symmetric exclusion process under stochastic resettingBasu, Urna; Kundu, Anupam; Pal, ArnabPhysical Review E, 2019, Vol.100, p032136
22-Sep-2019A physical perspective on classical cloningReddy, Anirudh; Samuel, J.; Sinha, SupurnaPhysics Letters A, 2019, Vol 383, p125846
Aug-2019Sorkin-Johnston vacuum for a massive scalar field in the 2D causal diamondMathur, Abhishek; Surya, SumatiPhysical Review D, 2019, Vol.100, p045007
31-Jul-2019Non-equilibrium dynamics of the piston in the Szilard engineBhat, Deepak; Dhar, Abhishek; Kundu, Anupam; Sabhapandit, SanjibEurophysics Letters, 2019, Vol.127, p10004
Jul-2019Studies on the SJ vacuum in de Sitter spacetimeSurya, Sumati; X, Nomaan; Yazdi, Yasaman K.Journal of High Energy Physics, Issue No.7, 2019
30-Jun-2019Some results on topological currents in field theoryVyas, Vivek M; Srinivasan, V.; Panigrahi, Prasanta K.International Journal of Modern Physics A, 2019, Vol.34, p1950096
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 893