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Title: Broadband Variability and Correlation Study of 3C 279 during Flares of 2017–2018
Authors: Prince, Raj
Keywords: Active galaxies
extragalactic astronomy
Issue Date: 20-Feb-2020
Publisher: IOP Sciences for The American Astronomical Society
Citation: The Astrophysical Journal, 2020, Vol.890, p13
Abstract: A multiwavelength temporal and spectral analysis of flares of 3C 279 during November 2017--July 2018 are presented in this work. Three bright gamma-ray flares were observed simultaneously in X-ray and Optical/UV along with a prolonged quiescent state. A "harder-when-brighter" trend is observed in both gamma-rays and X-rays during the flaring period. The gamma-ray light curve for all the flares are binned in one-day time bins and a day scale variability is observed. Variability time constrains the size and location of the emission region to 2.1 × 10 16 cm and 4.4 × 10 17 cm, respectively. The fractional variability reveals that the source is more than 100\% variable in gamma-rays and it decreases towards the lower energy. A cross-correlation study of the emission from different wavebands is done using the \textit{DCF} method, which shows a strong correlation between them without any time lags. The zero time lag between different wavebands suggest their co-spatial origin. This is the first time 3C 279 has shown a strong correlation between gamma-rays and X-rays emission with zero time lag. A single zone emission model was adopted to model the multiwavelength SEDs by using the publicly available code GAMERA. The study reveals that a higher jet power in electrons is required to explain the gamma-ray flux during the flaring state, as much as, ten times of that required for the quiescent state. However, more jet power in magnetic field has been observed during the quiescent state compared to the flaring state.
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ISSN: 0004-637X
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Copyright: 2020, The American Astronomical Society
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