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Title: Finite size scaling in 2d causal set quantum gravity.
Authors: Glaser, Lisa
Oconnor, Denjoe
Surya, Sumati
Keywords: quantum gravity
Monte Carlo Simulations
Issue Date: Feb-2018
Publisher: IOP Publishing Ltd.
Citation: Classical and Quantum Gravity, 2018, Vol.35, P045006
Abstract: We study the dependence on size, N, of 2d causal set quantum gravity. This theory is known to exhibit a phase transition as the analytic continuation parameter β, akin to an inverse temperature, is varied. Using a scaling analysis we find that the asymptotic regime is reached at relatively small values of N. Focussing on the \newcommand{\twod}{2d} \twod causal set action S, we find that \newcommand{\av}[1]< #1 > \newcommand{\ep}ε \newcommand{\e}{e} \newcommand{\be}{\barε} β \av{S} scales like N^ν where the scaling exponent ν takes different values on either side of the phase transition. For \newcommand{\ep}ε \newcommand{\e}{e} \newcommand{\be}{\barε} β > βc we find that ν=2 which is consistent with our analytic predictions for a non-continuum phase in the large β regime. For \newcommand{\ep}ε \newcommand{\e}{e} \newcommand{\be}{\barε} β<βc we find that ν=0 , consistent with a continuum phase of constant negative curvature thus suggesting a dynamically generated cosmological constant. Moreover, we find strong evidence that the phase transition is first order. Our results strongly suggest that the asymptotic regime is reached in \newcommand{\twod}{2d} \twod causal set quantum gravity for N ≳ 65 .
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1361-6382 (E)
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Copyright: 2018 IOP Publishing Ltd.
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