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Title: A Large scale, low frequency Murchison widefield array survey of galactic HII regions between 260< l <\340
Authors: Hindson, L.
Johnston-Hollitt, M.
Deshpande, A.A.
Dwarakanath, K.S.
Prabu, T.
Udaya Shankar, N.
Srivani, K.S.
Subrahmanyan, Ravi
+ 30 Co-authors
Keywords: catalogs (ISM)
radio continuum
Issue Date: May-2016
Publisher: Cambridge University Press for Astronomical Society of Australia
Citation: Publications of the Astronomical Society of Australia, 2016, Vol.33, e020
Abstract: We have compiled a catalogue of H ii regions detected with the Murchison Widefield Array between 72 and 231 MHz. The multiple frequency bands provided by the Murchison Widefield Array allow us identify the characteristic spectrum generated by the thermal Bremsstrahlung process in H ii regions.We detect 306 H ii regions between 260◦ < l < 340◦ and report on the positions, sizes, peak, integrated flux density, and spectral indices of these H ii regions. By identifying the point at which H ii regions transition from the optically thin to thick regime, we derive the physical properties including the electron density, ionised gas mass, and ionising photon flux, towards 61 H ii regions. This catalogue of H ii regions represents the most extensive and uniform low frequency survey of H ii regions in the Galaxy to date.
Description: Open Access
ISSN: 1323-3580
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Copyright: 2016 Astronomical Society of Australia
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