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Title: Temperature measurement of laser-cooled atoms using vacuum Rabi splitting
Authors: Ray, Tridib
Sharma, Arijit
Jyothi, S.
Rangwala, S.A.
Issue Date: Mar-2013
Publisher: American Physical Society
Citation: Applied Physics A , 2013, Vol. 87, p033832
Abstract: We laser cool rubidium atoms to form a magneto-optical trap, within a Fabry-Perot cavity, and demonstrate strong coupling of the cold atoms to the cavity. The coupling strength is measured using the vacuum Rabi frequency splitting (VRS) of transmitted, cavity-coupled light on atomic resonance. The VRS is measured for two- and three-level atomic systems and the atom-cavity-coupling strength for each system is determined. By allowing the laser-cooled atoms to expand for different times and measuring the corresponding VRS, we determine the number of atoms overlapped with the cavity mode as a function of time. This time-of-flight of atoms from the cavity permits the measurement of the temperature of the laser-cooled atoms. Finally, the need for this technique and its utility is discussed.
Description: Open Access.
ISSN: 1050-2947
1094-1622 (Online)
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Copyright: 2013 The American Physical Society
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