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Title: Testing born's rule in quantum mechanics with a triple slit experiment
Authors: Sinha, Urbasi
Couteau, Christophe
Medendorp, Zachari
Söllner, Immo
Laflamme, Raymond
Sorkin, Rafael D.
Weihs, Gregor
Keywords: Foundations of quantum mechanics
measurement theory
Probability theory,
Quantum computation
Issue Date: Mar-2009
Publisher: American Institute of Physics
Citation: AIP Conference Proceedings Vol.1101 , 2009, p200-207
Abstract: In Mod. Phys. Lett. A 9, 3119 (1994), one of us (R.D.S) investigated a formulation of quantum mechanics as a generalized measure theory. Quantum mechanics computes probabilities from the absolute squares of complex amplitudes, and the resulting interference violates the (Kolmogorov) sum rule expressing the additivity of probabilities of mutually exclusive events. However, there is a higher order sum rule that quantum mechanics does obey, involving the probabilities of three mutually exclusive possibilities. We could imagine a yet more general theory by assuming that it violates the next higher sum rule. In this paper, we report results from an ongoing experiment which sets out to test the validity of this second sum rule by measuring the interference patterns produced by three slits and all the possible combinations of those slits being open or closed. We use an attenuated laser light combined with single photon counting to confirm the particle character of the measured light.
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Copyright: 2009 American Institute of Physics
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