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Title: Carbon-based liquid crystals: art and science
Authors: Bisoyi, Hari Krishna
Kumar, Sandeep
Keywords: Carbonaceous mesophase
Carbon fibers
Carbon electronics
Carbon nanotubes
Liquid crystals
Nematic phase
Issue Date: Nov-2011
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Citation: Liquid Crystals, 2011, Vol.38, p1427-1449
Abstract: Synthetic carbon allotropes such as fullerene, carbon nanotubes and graphene exhibit a liquid crystalline phase behaviour upon appropriate chemical functionalisation and/or physical dispersion in suitable media. This article deals with both thermotropic and lyotropic liquid crystalline phases obtained from these isotropic and anisotropic carbon building blocks along with the carbonaceous mesophase. Different strategies adopted to obtain such ordered fluid phases of carbon are summarised and their subsequent exploitation in the fabrication of carbon-based materials and devices are highlighted. Fluid phase assembly of carbon materials seems to be very promising in the context of high-performance films, fibres and carbon electronics.
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ISSN: 0267-8292
1366-5855 (online)
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Copyright: 2011 Taylor & Francis
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