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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Citation
10-Jun-2024Effect of carbon dots on tuning molecular alignment, dielectric and electrical properties of a smectogenic cyanobiphenyl-based liquid crystal materialPriscilla, P.; Kumar, Sandeep; Gathania, Arvind K.; Singh, Ashwani Kumar; Prakash, Jai; Kumar, Sanjeev; Malik, Praveen; Castagna, Riccardo; Singh, GautamJournal of Physics D: Applied Physics, 2024, Vol. 57, p355302
18-Jan-2024Nematic liquid crystal dispersed with twodimensional functionalised graphene oxide (fGO): insights on improving the nematic ordering and reducing electro-optic response timeSahai, Mudit; S. J., Shivaraja; Kumar, Sandeep; Gupta, R. K.; V, ManjuladeviLiquid Crystals, 2024, p1-15
16-Jan-2024Gold nanoparticles doped organic liquid crystalline material for fast charge migration in nano-devicesKhare, Akanksha; Uttam, Rahul; Kumar, Sandeep; Dhar, RavindraLiquid Crystals, 2024, Vol.51, No.3
7-Mar-2024Size-dependent optical and dielectric anisotropy of CdS nanowire doped high-birefringent nematic liquid crystalline compoundTripathi, Shivangi; Tiwari, Sadhna; Agarwal, Shikha; Srivastava, Pankhuri; Kumar, Sandeep; Srivastava, Atul; Manohar, RajivJournal of Dispersion Science and Technology, 2024, p1-10
3-Apr-2024Effect of stigmasterol-based mesogen and phytosphingosine on the Langmuir monolayer of DPPCMahesha, S; Madhavankutty, Gayathri; Neelanjana, M; Bhat, S Vanishree; Kumar, Sandeep; Kumar, BharatThe European Physical Journal Special Topics
18-Jan-2024Cinnamic acid and biphenyl core calamitic asymmetric molecules: preparation and characterization for mesomorphic propertiesSrinivasa, H.T.; Hariprasad, S.Phase Transitions, 2024, Vol. 97, p201
5-Apr-2024Effect of doping of organo-soluble carbon dots on ionic relaxation and conductivity of planar anchored cyanobiphenyl based nematic liquid crystalP, Priscilla; Singh, Ashwani Kumar; Malik, Praveen; Kumar, Sandeep; Supreet; Gathania, Arvind K.; Prakash, Jai; Castagna, Riccardo; Lucchetta, Daniele Eugenio; Malik, Poonma; Singh, GautamJournal of Molecular Structure, 2024, Vol. 1301, p137403
21-Feb-2023Leaning induced layer undulated tilted smectic phase of asymmetric bent-core liquid crystalsMishra, Vishnu Deo; Srinivasa, H.T.; Roy, ArunJournal of Chemical Physics, 2023, Vol.158,p074906
14-Mar-2024Interfacial instabilities in confined displacements involving non-Newtonian fluidsParmar, Vaibhav Raj Singh; Bandyopadhyay, RanjiniEPL, 2024, Vol. 145, p47001
26-Feb-2024Glassy relaxation in a de Vries smectic liquid crystal consisting of bent-core moleculesMishra, Vishnu Deo; Pratap, G.; Roy, ArunPhysical Review E, 2024, Vol.109, p024703
7-Aug-2023Room temperature nematic liquid crystals: Synthesis and characterisation of pentabromophenol and cyanobiphenyl derived rod-shaped moleculesSrinivasa, H.T.; M.R., LutforLiquid Crystals, 2023
15-Mar-2023Organic electronic applications and charge transport mechanism in novel discotic liquid crystalsPratap Singh, Dharmendra; Shah, Asmita; Bala, Indu; Marichandran, Vadivel; Pal, Santanu Kumar; Kumar Srivastava, Abhishek; Kumar, SandeepLiquid Crystals,2023,Vol.50:7-10,p1333
28-Jun-2023Molecular organization and molecular order of two rod-like smectogens in mesophasesBoopathi, A. A.; P. Lobo, Nitin; Deo Mishra, Vishnu; Roy, Arun; Narasimhaswamy, T.Liquid Crystals,2023
6-Dec-2023Impact of carbon quantum dots on self-assembly and dielectric relaxation modes of a room temperature tri-component fluorinated antiferroelectric liquid crystal mixtureIqbal, Amir; Urbanska, Magdalena; Da˛browski, Roman S.; Kumar, Sandeep; Dhar, RavindraSoft Matter,2023,Vol.19, p9293
5-Dec-2023Experimental studies on self-propulsion of deformable 5CB liquid crystal droplets in micellar solutionRay, Swarnak; Roy, ArunLiquid Crystals, 2023, Vol.50,
20-Sep-2023Effect of Desmosterol, Lathosterol and Coprostanol on the phase behaviour of phospholipid membranesArif Kamal, Md.; Pal, AntaraColloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects,2023,Vol. 673, p131489
1-Sep-2023Eco-friendly carbon dots induced thermally stable vertical alignment in planar anchored nematic liquid crystalPriscilla, P; Varshney, Deepanshu; Prakash, Jai; Kumar, Sandeep; Singh, Ashwani; Malik, Praveen; Supreet; K. Gathania, Arvind; Castagna, Riccardo; Eugenio Lucchetta, Daniele; Singh, GautamJournal of Molecular Liquids,2023,Vol.385,p.122318
5-May-2023Direct method to grasp molecular topology of mesogens through 13C–1H dipolar couplingsReddy, M. Kesava; Shalini, P. Jaya; P. Lobo, Nitin; Roy, Arun; Narasimhaswamy, T.Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics,2023,Vol.25,p.14158
26-Apr-2023Development of quinazolinone and vanillin acrylamide hybrids as multi-target directed ligands against Alzheimer’s disease and mechanistic insights into their binding with acetylcholinesteraseYelamanda Rao, Kandrakonda; Jeelan Basha, Shaik; Monika, Kallubai; Naidu Gajula, Navya; Sivakumar, Irla; Kumar, Sandeep; Vadde, Ramakrishna; Madhava Reddy Aramati, Bindu; Subramanyam, Rajagopal; Gangaiah Damu, AmooruJournal of Biomolecular Structure and Dynamics, 2023, Vol.41, p11148
1-Mar-2023Benzopyrano-Fused Phenanthridine-Based Columnar Mesogens: Synthesis, Self-organization and Charge- Transport PropertiesBhat S, Vanishree; Vadivel, Marichandran; Pratap Singh, Dharmendra; Raghunathan, V. A.; Roy, Arun; Kumar, SandeepChemistry: A European Journal, 2023,Vol.29, p.e202300227
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1532