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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Citation
2018An image‑processing method to detect sub‑optical features based on understanding noise in intensity measurementsBhatia, TriptaEuropean Biophysics Journal, 2018, Vol.47 p531-538
2018Periodic Grating-like Patterns Induced by Self-Assembly of Gelator Fibres in Nematic GelsTopnani, Neha B; Prutha, N; Pratibha, RChemPhysChem, 2018, Vol. 19, p1471– 1475
10-Apr-2018Step-wise potential development across the lipid bilayer under external electric fieldsMajhi, Amit KumarAIP Conference Proceedings, 2018, Vol.1942, p040017-1–040017-3; 62nd DAE Solid State Physics Symposium,26–30 December 2017, Mumbai, India
Dec-2017Sensitive detection of Ferulic acid using multi-walled carbon nanotube decorated with silver nano-particles modified carbon paste electrode.Erady, Veera; Mascarenhas, Ronald J.; Satpati, Ashis K.; Dhason, A.; +3 Co-authorsJournal of Electroanalytical Chemistry, 2017, Vol 806, p22-31
20-Jun-2018Charge Transport in Novel Phenazine Fused Triphenylene Supramolecular SystemsGowda, Ashwathanarayana; Jacob, Litwin; Singh, Dharmendra P; Douali, Redouane; Kumar, SandeepChemistry Select, 2018, Vol.3, p6551 – 6560
Sep-2017Discotic Liquid Crystals with Graphene: Supramolecular self‐assembly to applicationsKumar, Manish; Ashwath Narayana, Gowda; Kumar, SandeepParticle and Particle Systems Characterization, 2017, Vol. 34, P 1700003
21-May-2018Simple analytical model of a thermal diodeKaushik, Saurabh; Kaushik, Sachin; Rahul, MaratheEuropean Physical Journal B, 2018, Vol.91, p87
Oct-2017Time-resolved uorescence and absence of Frster resonance energy transfer in ferroelectric liquid crystal-quantum dots composites.Singh, D.P; Pandey, S.; Manohar, R.; Kumar, Sandeep; Pujar, G.H.; Inamdar, S.R.Journal of Luminescence, 2017, Vol. 190, p161-170
Apr-2018Self-Assembled CNT-polymer hybrids in single-walled carbon Nanotubes dispersed aqueous Triblock copolymer solutions.Vijayaraghavan, D.; Manjunatha, A.S.; Poojitha, C.G.Brazilian Journal of Physics, 2018, Vol.48, p130-136
Dec-2016Nanoparticles in discotic liquid crystalsKumar, SandeepBook Chapter 13, From Liquid Crystals with Nano and Microparticles, Ed. By Jan P F Lagerwall and Giusy Scalia World Scientific,pp. 461-496, 2016
Mar-2018Recent advances in discotic liquid crystal-assisted nanoparticles.Ashwath Narayana, Gowda; Kumar, SandeepMaterials, 2018, Vol. 11, P 382
Feb-2018Synthesis, structural and mesophase characterization of isoindoline-1,3-dione based mesogenic Schiff basesDubey, Ragini; Yerrasani, Rajasekhar; Karunakar, M.; Singh, Angad Kumar; Kumar, Sandeep; Rao, T.R.Journal of Molecular Liquids, 2018, Vol. 251, P 142-149
Mar-2018Ethyl 7-hydroxycoumarin-3-carboxylate derivatives: Synthesis, characterization and effect of liquid crystal properties.Srinivasa, H.T.; Palakshamurthy, B.S.; Mohammad, Abdulkarim-TalaqJournal of Molecular Structure, 2018, Vol.1155, p 513-519
7-Feb-2018Thermal and nonlinear optical studies of newly synthesized EDOT based bent-core and hockey-stick like liquid crystals.Ashwath Narayana, Gowda; Jacob, Litwin; Joy, Nithin; Philip, Reji; Pratibha, R.; Kumar, SandeepNew Journal of Chemistry, 2018, Vol. 42, P 2047-2057
24-Mar-2018Synergistic Hybrid Catalyst for Ethanol Detection: Enhanced Performance of Platinum Palladium Bimetallic Nanoparticles Decorated Graphene on Glassy Carbon ElectrodeAnupam Kumar, Manne; Patnaik, Sai Gourang; Lakshminarayanan, V; Ramamurthy, .Sai SathishJournal of Analytical Chemistry, 2018, Vol. 73, p. 266–276.
9-May-2018Modeling cell-substrate de-adhesion dynamics under fluid shearRenu, Mann; Garima, Rani; Gautam, Menon I; Pullarkat, Pramod APhysical Biology, 2018, Vol.15, P 046006
26-Mar-2018Anisamide-Anchored Lyotropic Nano-Liquid Crystalline Particles with AIE Effect: A Smart Optical Beacon for Tumor Imaging and TherapyUrandur, Sandeep; Banala, Venkatesh Teja; Shukla, Ravi Prakash; Pratibha, RACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2018, Vol. 10, p 12960–12974
21-Mar-2018Mechanical hysteresis in actin networksMajumdar, Sayantan; Foucard, Louis C; Levine, Alex J; Gardel, Margaret LSoft Matter, 2017, Vol. 14, p 2052
2-Mar-2018Parameters of LC molecules’ movement measured by dielectric spectroscopy in wide temperature rangeChausov, D N; Kurilova, A D; Belyaeve, V V; Kumar, SandeepOpto-Electronics Review, 2018, Vol.26, p44-49
Mar-2018Rapid formation and macroscopic self-assembly of liquid-crystalline, high-mobility, semiconducting Thienothiophene.Pandey, Manish; Ashwath Narayana, Gowda; Nagamatsu, Shuichi; Kumar, Sandeep; +3 Co-authorsAdvanced materials Interfaces, 2018, Vol. 5, P 1700875
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1345