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Title: Dynamic light scattering study of the viscoelastic twist mode in cholesteric liquid crystals
Authors: Giridhar, M.S.
Suresh, K.A.
Keywords: Liquid crystals
Diffraction and scattering
Issue Date: Feb-2002
Publisher: EDP Sciences
Citation: European Physical Journal E, 2002, Vol.7, p167
Abstract: Although viscoelastic properties of liquid crystals are very important for applications like display technology, there are not many direct techniques to study them. We have used dynamic light scattering to obtain dispersion curves for the twist mode of director fluctuations in a thermotropic cholesteric liquid crystal (cholesteric) mixture, in a wave vector range comparable to the inverse pitch of the cholesteric. In the experiment, light scattered in the vicinity of Bragg reflection is investigated using a hitherto unused scattering geometry where the scattering wave vector q is parallel to the cholesteric helix axis. By fitting the experimental data to a parabolic function of the scattering wave vector, we have determined the twist viscoelastic coefficient k_{22}/γ1. We have studied the temperature dependence of k_{22}/γ1 and found that the viscoelastic coefficient increases rapidly as the cholesteric-to-isotropic transition temperature is approached.
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ISSN: 1292-8941
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Copyright: 2002 EDP Sciences
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