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Title: Generation of high magnetic fields using thyristors
Authors: Nagabhushana, S.
Krishnan, S.
Suryan, G.
Issue Date: 1974
Publisher: IEEE
Citation: IEEE Transactions On Industrial Electronics And Control Instrumentation, 1974, Vol.21, p214
Abstract: This paper describes the use of high-power thyristors in conjunction with a low-voltage supply for generating pulsed magnetic fields. A modular bank of electrolytic capacitors is charged through a programmable solid-state power supply and then rapidly discharged through a bank of thyristors into a magnetizing coil. The modular construction of capacitor banks enables the discrete control of pulse energy and time. Peak fields up to 15 telsa (150 KOe) and a half period of about 200 microseconds are generated through the discharges. Still higher fields are produced by discharging into a precooled coil ( 77°K). Measurement method for a pulsed field is described.
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Copyright: 1974 IEEE
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