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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Citation
Aug-2021Evidence for profile changes in PSR J1713+0747 using the uGMRTSingha, Jaikhomba; Surnis, Mayuresh P; Joshi, Bhal Chandra; Tarafdar, Pratik; Rana, Prerna; Susobhanan, Abhimanyu; Girgaonkar, Raghav; Kolhe, Neel; Agarwal, Nikita; Desai, Shantanu; Prabu, T; Bathula, Adarsh; Dandapat, Subhajit; Dey, Lankeswar; Hisano, Shinnosuke; Kato, Ryo; Kharbanda, Divyansh; Kikunaga, Tomonosuke; Marmat, Piyush; Susarla, Sai Chaitanya; Bagchi, Manjari; Batra, Neelam Dhanda; Choudhury, Arpita; Gopakumar, A; Gupta, Yashwant; Krishnakumar, M. A.; Maan, Yogesh; Manoharan, P.K.; Nobleson, K.; Pandian, Arul; Pathak, Dhruv; Takahashi, KeitaroMonthly Notices of Royal Astronomical Society, 2021, Vol. 507, L57-L61
Apr-2021A Floating Octave Bandwidth Cone-Disk Antenna for Detection of Cosmic DawnRaghunathan, A; Subrahmanyan, Ravi; Udaya Shankar, N; Singh, Saurabh; Nambissan, Jishnu; Kavitha, K; Mahesh, Nivedita; Somashekar, R.; Sindhu, Gaddam; Girish, B.S.; Srivani, K.S.; Rao, Mayuri S.IEEE Transactions on antennas and propagation, 2021, Vo. 69, p6209-6217
Jul-2021High precision measurements of interstellar dispersion measure with the upgraded GMRTKrishnakumar, M. A.; Manoharan, P. K.; Joshi, B. C.; Girgaonkar, R.; Desai, S.; Bagchi, M.; Nobleson, K.; Dey, L.; Susobhanan, A.; Susarla, S. C.; Surnis, M. P.; Maan, Y.; Gopakumar, A.; Basu, A.; Batra, N. D.; Choudhary, A.; De, K.; Gupta, Y.; Naidu, A. K.; Pathak, D.; Singha, J.; Prabu, T.Astronomy and Astrophysics, 2021, Vol.651, Article No.A5
Sep-2020RaFIDe: A Machine Learning based RFI free observation planner for the SKA EraS.S., Bhat; T, Prabu; S, Saha33rd General Assembly and Scientific Symposium of the International-Union-of-Radio-Science
Sep-2020FPGA architecture to search for accelerated pulsars with SKAT, Prabu; B, Stappers; A, Ghalame; L, Levin; A, Karastergiou; J, Roy; M, Mickaliger; M, Keith33rd General Assembly and Scientific Symposium of the International-Union-of-Radio-Science
1960Single-ended Diode Phase-Sensitive DeteotorChidambaram, C.R.; Krishnan, S.Electronic Engineering, 1960, Vo.32, p158
1991Microcomputer system for a digital correlation recieverRavindra, D.K.; Krishnan, S.Bulletin of the Astronomical Society of India, 1991, Vol.19, p77
1981Microprocessor based data acquisition system for the spectral line receiver of the mm-wave telescopeRengarajan, G.; Sukumaran, K.; Ravindra, D.K.Bulletin of the American Astronomical Society, 1981, Vol.9, p200
1974Generation of high magnetic fields using thyristorsNagabhushana, S.; Krishnan, S.; Suryan, G.IEEE Transactions On Industrial Electronics And Control Instrumentation, 1974, Vol.21, p214
1973Programmable thyristor power supply for large capacitor banks-IEEE Transactions On Industrial Electronics And Control Instrumentation, 1973, Vol.20, p223
1972Transient lamp load on triacsKrishnan, S.; Manoharan, L.C.Indian Journal of Technology, 1972, Vol.10, p85-87
1971A Linear Power Control ModuleKrishnan, S.; Manoharan, L.C.; Krishnan, S.Indian Journal of Technology, 1971, Vol.9, p33
1970Development of modular data systems at National Aeronautical Laboratory, BangaloreKrishnan, S.Journal of The Aeronautical Society Of India, 1970, Vol.22,p 133
1970Effect of a diode across the spark gap in electric discharge machiningKrishnan, S.; Krishnan, S.Indian Journal of Technology, 1970, Vol.9, p388
1959Diode phase-sensitive detectors with loadKrishnan, S.Electronic Engineering, 1959, Vol.31, p613
1967Development of MUltichannel data systemKrishnan, S.; Nagabhushana, S.Proceedings of the Indian division of the Institution of electronic and radio engineers, 1967, Vol.5, p1
1957Contour-generator for X-Ray crystal structure analysisKrishnan, S.Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research, 1957, Vol.16B,p432
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 17 of 17