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Title: Some procedures in the determination of the absolute configuration of crystals
Authors: Vaidya, S.N.
Ramaseshan, S.
Issue Date: 1963
Publisher: Academic Press
Citation: Crystallography and Crystal Perfection (Book Chapetr). Ed. G N Ramachandran, 1963, p243
Abstract: This paper nttempta to outline the routine procedures nwesary in tlle determination of the absolute configuration of a crystal by the Bijvoet method t+g momalous scatteringana employing photographic techniques. The method due to Peerdeman snd Bijvoet for assigning correct indices to the rdeetions recorded by the equi-inclination Weissonberg method has been restated to include trigonal. monoclinic and triclinic classess. The pairs of reflections named Bijvoet pairs whose intensities are to be compared for the determination of the absolute configuration have here been listed for all the enantiomorphous space groups. The Problem of the determination of the absolute configuration a crystal when only one crystallographic mounting is possible has been discussed. A simple double layor method of recording reflections of the type hkl and hkL has been evolved and its application to various crystal classess given.
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Copyright: 1963 Academic Press
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