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Title: Using gravitational lensing to study HI clouds at high redshift
Authors: Deep Saini, T.
Bharadwaj, Somnath
Sethi, S.K.
Keywords: Astrophysics
Issue Date: 2001
Publisher: Astronomical Society of the Pacific
Citation: IAU Symposium, 2001, Vol.199, p114
Abstract: We investigate the possibility of detecting HI emission from gravitationally lensed HI clouds (akin to damped Lyman-$\alpha$ clouds) at high redshift by carrying out deep radio observations in the fields of known cluster lenses. Such observations will be possible with present radio telescopes only if the lens substantially magnifies the flux of the HI emission. While at present this holds the only possibility of detecting the HI emission from such clouds, it has the disadvantage of being restricted to clouds that lie very close to the caustics of the lens. We find that observations at a detection threshold of 50 micro Jy at 320 MHz (possible with the GMRT) have a greater than 20% probability of detecting an HI cloud in the field of a cluster, provided the clouds have HI masses in the range 5 X 10^8 M_{\odot} < M_{HI} < 2.5 X 10^{10} M_{\odot}. The probability of detecting a cloud increases if they have larger HI masses, except in the cases where the number of HI clouds in the cluster field becomes very small. The probability of a detection at 610 MHz and 233 MHz is comparable to that at 320 MHz, though a definitive statement is difficult owing to uncertainties in the HI content at the redshifts corresponding to these frequencies. Observations at a detection threshold of 2 micro Jy (possible in the future with the SKA) are expected to detect a few HI clouds in the field of every cluster provided the clouds have HI masses in the range 2 X 10^7 M_{\odot} < M_{HI} < 10^9 M_{\odot}. Even if such observations do not result in the detection of HI clouds, they will be able to put useful constraints on the HI content of the clouds.
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Copyright: 2001 Astronomical Society of the Pacific
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