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Title: The zeno effect and an inter-layer pairing mechanism for high-temperature superconductivity in layered materials
Authors: Kumar, N.
Issue Date: 2001
Publisher: World Scientific
Citation: Proceedings of the 8th Asia-Pacific physics conferenc,Taipei, Taiwan, 2001, p24
Abstract: Quantum Zeno Effect (QZE) is the suppression of the inter-subspace transition by a relatively fast intra-subspace decoherence. Earlier, we had proposed a QZE-based mechanism for the temperature-dependent normal-state c-axis resistivity of the layered high-T$_c$ cuprate superconductors in which the single-particle inter-layer tunneling is blocked by the strong intra-layer decoherence (entanglement). We now argue that while the single-particle inter-layer tunneling is thus blocked, the tunneling of the bosonic BCS-like pairs must remain unblocked inasmuch as a BCS pairing condensate is an eigenstate of the pair annihilation operator. This pair tunneling stabilizes
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Copyright: 2001 World Scientific
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