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Title: Simulation of radiation-driven winds from disc galaxies
Authors: Chattopadhyay, Indranil
Sharma, Mahavir
Nath, Biman B.
Ryu, Dongsu
Keywords: galaxies: formation
intergalactic medium
galaxies: starburst
Issue Date: Jul-2012
Publisher: Wiley Interscience for the RAS
Citation: Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 2012, Vol. 423, p. 2153-2161
Abstract: We present 2-D hydrodynamic simulation of rotating galactic winds driven by radiation. We study the structure and dynamics of the cool and/or warm component($T \simeq 10^4$ K) which is mixed with dust. We have taken into account the total gravity of a galactic system that consists of a disc, a bulge and a dark matter halo. We find that the combined effect of gravity and radiation pressure from a realistic disc drives the gas away to a distance of $\sim 5$ kpc in $\sim 37$ Myr for typical galactic parameters. The outflow speed increases rapidly with the disc Eddington parameter $\Gamma_0(=\kappa I/(2 c G \Sigma)$) for $\Gamma_0 \ge 1.5$. We find that the rotation speed of the outflowing gas is $\lesssim 100$ km s$^{-1}$. The wind is confined in a cone which mostly consist of low angular momentum gas lifted from the central region.
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ISSN: 0035-8711
1365-2966 (Online)
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Copyright: 2012 The authors & the Royal Astronomical Society.
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