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Title: Experimental study of coupling Bose–Einstein condensates into weakly non-trapping and trapping states
Authors: Bouyer, P.
Rangwala, S.A.
Le coq, Y.
Delannoy, G.
Gerbier, F.
Seidelin, S.
Richard, S.
Issue Date: 2003
Publisher: C. R. Academy of Sciences, Paris
Citation: C. R. Academy of Sciences, Paris, 2001, Vol,2(4), p657–662
Abstract: We study the production of an atom laser from a Bose–Einstein condensate using radiofrequency out-coupling. Single frequency coupling from the Bose–Einstein condensate leads to unstable production of an atom laser due to the extreme sensitivity of this process to magnetic field fluctuations. The extent of this experimental instability is quantified. Stable, repeatable production of an atom laser is achieved by the frequency modulation of the coupling, which forms a frequency comb across the condensate. Different regimes of modulated coupling are discussed. In addition the coupling of atoms into a weakly trapping state is studied. The oscillation frequency of this state in the vertical direction is measured. Preliminary results indicating qualitative difference between condensate and thermal cloud coupling are presented. 2001 Académie des sciences/Éditions scientifiques et médicalesElsevier SAS
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Copyright: 2001 C. R. Academy of Sciences, Paris
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