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Title: Homogeneous (2 + 1)-dimensional gravity in the Ashtekar formulation
Authors: Fernando, J.
Barbero, G.
Varadarajan, Madhavan
Issue Date: 1995
Publisher: Elsevier
Citation: Nuclear Physics B, 1995, Vol.456, p355-376
Abstract: The constraint hypersurfaces defining the Witten and Ashtekar formulations for 2+1 gravity are very different. In particular the constraint hypersurface in the Ashtekar case is not a manifold but consists of several sectors that intersect each other in a complicated way. The issue of how to define a consistent dynamics in such a situation is then rather non-trivial. We discuss this point by working out the details in a simplified (finite dimensional) homogeneous reduction of 2+1 gravity in the Ashtekar formulation.
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ISSN: 0550-3213
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Copyright: 1995, Elsevier
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