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Title: Electrontransfer studies of redox probes in bovine milk
Authors: Shrikrishnan, S.
Lakshminarayanan, V.
Keywords: Homogenized milk
Skimmed milk
Reconstituted milk powder
Milk Fat Globule Membrane (MFGM)
Casein micelle
Cyclic voltammetry
Impedance spectroscopy
Issue Date: 15-Mar-2012
Publisher: Elsevier Inc.
Citation: Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, 2012, Vol.370, p124
Abstract: In this work, we show that milk can act as an electrolytic medium to study electrochemical processes in the absence of any supporting electrolyte. The electrontransfer properties of three different redox systems in bovine homogenized whole milk, skimmed milk, and reconstituted milk powder have been studied by cyclic voltammetry and impedance spectroscopy using a three-electrode system with a gold disk working electrode, a platinum sheet counter electrode, and a standard calomel reference electrode. It has been shown that the milk incredibly sustains the redox reactions in the absence of any supporting electrolyte and the electrochemical responses are comparable to those obtained when the same reactions were carried out in standard solvent preparations containing supporting electrolytes. The study clearly demonstrates the potential of developing new innovative techniques based on the intricate concepts of electrochemistry to study various aspects of milk that may help in the development of analytical sensors for the diary industry.
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ISSN: 0021-9797
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Copyright: 2012 Elsevier Inc.
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