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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Citation
20-Oct-2003Search for justice: fifty six years after independenceNariman, Fali S.Gandhi Memorial Lecture, 2nd October 2003
20-Oct-2004You can change things if only you...Kaushal, AvdhashGandhi Memorial Lecture, 2nd October 2004
30-Jan-2008Demystifying professionalism: the Gandhian approachRoy, BunkerGandhi Memorial Lecture, 30th January 2008
20-Mar-2004RRI In-House meeting Photos - 2004 (Album - 3)--
21-Oct-2005Our experiments with truth: the right to know, the right to liveRoy, ArunaGandhi Memorial Lecture, 2nd October 2005
19-Mar-2004RRI In-House meeting Photos - 2004 (Album - 2)--
2-Mar-2003RRI In-House meeting Photos - 2003-RRI In-House meeting, 2-3 March 2003
23-Feb-2001Mr. R. GanesanVerghese, RajuFarewell held on 23 February 2001
19-Mar-2004RRI In-House meeting Photos - 2004 (Album - 1)--
2-Mar-2001RRI In-House meeting Photos - 2001 (Album - 2)-RRI In-House meeting, 2-3 March 2001