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Title: RRI In-House meeting Photos - 2001 (Album - 2)
Issue Date: 29-Oct-2015
Description: Restricted Access
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/2289/6336
Copyright: Raman Research Institute, Bengaluru
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File Description SizeFormat
Panikumar K G.jpgRestricted Access2.85 MBJPEGView/Open
Raghunathan A.jpgRestricted Access3.65 MBJPEGView/Open
Rekhesh Mohan.jpgRestricted Access3.04 MBJPEGView/Open
Rema Krishnaswamy.jpgRestricted Access3.09 MBJPEGView/Open
Roopa T, Srinivasamurthy, Rajkumar Gupta & Sanat Karmakar.jpgRestricted Access3.56 MBJPEGView/Open
Sarasij R C.jpgRestricted Access3.34 MBJPEGView/Open
scan0001.jpgRestricted Access2.24 MBJPEGView/Open
scan0023.jpgRestricted Access3.7 MBJPEGView/Open
scan0026.jpgRestricted Access3.54 MBJPEGView/Open
scan0035.jpgRestricted Access3.34 MBJPEGView/Open
scan0036.jpgRestricted Access3.45 MBJPEGView/Open
scan00043.jpgRestricted Access4.11 MBJPEGView/Open
scan00063.jpgRestricted Access3.94 MBJPEGView/Open
scan00173.jpgRestricted Access3.89 MBJPEGView/Open
scan00261.jpgRestricted Access3.31 MBJPEGView/Open
Shivashankar G V.jpgRestricted Access3.7 MBJPEGView/Open
Shukre C S.jpgRestricted Access3.67 MBJPEGView/Open
Srinivasa Murthy.jpgRestricted Access3.39 MBJPEGView/Open
Srinivasan R.jpgRestricted Access3.52 MBJPEGView/Open
Subramanian C R.jpgRestricted Access2.85 MBJPEGView/Open
Surajit Dhara.jpgRestricted Access2.97 MBJPEGView/Open
Sushil M, Srivatsa SK, Panikumar & Vishwanath.jpgRestricted Access4.44 MBJPEGView/Open
Udaya Shankar N.jpgRestricted Access3.27 MBJPEGView/Open
Ujjal Kumar Sur.jpgRestricted Access3.39 MBJPEGView/Open
Vinod Kumar.jpgRestricted Access3.07 MBJPEGView/Open
Vishwanath.jpgRestricted Access4.02 MBJPEGView/Open
Yashodhan H.jpgRestricted Access3.52 MBJPEGView/Open

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