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Title: Radio galaxies as probes of the large-scale external medium
Authors: Saripalli, Lakshmi
Issue Date: Sep-2009
Publisher: Astronomical Society of the Pacific
Citation: ASP Conference Series, 2009, Vol.407, p131
Abstract: Radio galaxies are well-known probes of the ambient medium. Here I describe recent studies showing correlations between radio galaxy morphologies and their galaxy hosts and environments that point to the possibility of their being potentially useful probes of the large-scale external medium. Set in the context of origin of X-shaped structures I present results of a study in which the morphologies and linear sizes of radio galaxies on scales of several tens of kiloparsecs appear to be strongly affected by the relative orientation of jets and host galaxy axes. On larger scales, it is shown how giant radio galaxies may be a novel means of tracing and probing the elusive WHIM, within which they are embedded.
Description: Restricted Access. Proceedings of the conference held 8-12 December 2008, at National Centre for Radio Astrophysics (NCRA), TIFR, Pune, India. Edited by D. J. Saikia, D. A. Green, Y. Gupta, and T. Venturi. San Francisco: Astronomical Society of the Pacific.
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Copyright: 2009 Astronomical Society of the Pacific
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