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Title: Discovery of a novel ferrielectric phase of five-layer periodicity in binary mixtures of chiral smectic liquid crystals exhibiting unusual reversed phase sequence
Authors: Chandani, A.D.L.
Fukuda, Atsuo
Kumar, Sandeep
Vij, J.K.
Keywords: anti ferroelectrics
chiral smectics
ferrielectric phase of five layer periodicity
unusual reversed phase sequence
Issue Date: May-2011
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Citation: Liquid Crystals, 2011, Vol.38, p663
Abstract: In a binary mixture system of ferroelectric and antiferroelectric liquid crystals whose major component shows an unusual reversed phase sequence of SmC∗A(1/2) − SmC∗, a new phase with ferrielectric order of five layers has been discovered by the electric field-induced birefringence (EFIB) measurements. The EFIB was measured using a photo-elastic modulator (PEM) set-up and by applying an in-plane electric field to a homeotropic aligned cell filled with the binary mixtures of compounds with ferroelectric and antiferroelectric compounds. The contours of constant birefringence in the electric field–temperature (E–T) phase diagrams clearly indicate a distinct region corresponding to a new phase bordering the four-layer SmC∗(1/2) on the low temperature side and SmC∗α on the high temperature side. This new phase is unambiguously assigned to SmC∗(3/5) whose structure has been calculated by Osipov and Gorkunov.
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ISSN: 0267-8292
1366-5855 (online)
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Copyright: 2011 Taylor & Francis
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