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dc.contributor.authorJain, Chetana-
dc.contributor.authorPaul, Biswajit-
dc.contributor.authorDutta, Anjan-
dc.identifier.citationResearch in Astronomy and Astrophysics, 2009, Vol.9, p1303en
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dc.description.abstractWe present the orbital X-ray modulation study of three high mass X-ray binary systems, IGR J18027–2016, IGR J18483–0311 and IGR J16318–4848, using data obtained with RXTE-ASM, Swift-BAT and INTEGRAL-ISGRI. Using the long term light curves of the eclipsing HMXB IGR J18027–2016, obtained with Swift-BAT in the energy range 15–50 keV and INTEGRAL-ISGRI in the energy range 22–40keV, we have determined three new mid eclipse times. The newly determined mid eclipse times together with the known values were used to derive an accurate value of the orbital period of 4.5693(4) d at MJD 52168 and an upper limit of 3.9(1.2)× 10−7 d d−1 on the period derivative. We have also accurately determined an orbital period of 18.5482(88) d for the intermediate system IGR J18483–0311, which displays an unusual behavior and shares many properties with the known SFXTs and persistent supergiant systems. This is a transient source and the outbursts occur intermittently at intervals of 18.55 d. Similarly, in the third supergiant system, IGR J16318–4848, we have found that the outbursts are separated by intervals of 80 d or its multiples, suggesting a possible orbital period.en
dc.publisherIOP Publishing Ltd.en
dc.rights2009 IOP Publishing Ltd.en
dc.subjectX-ray binariesen
dc.subjectNeutron starsen
dc.subjectSupergiant starsen
dc.titleOrbital X-ray modulation study of three supergiant HMXBsen
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