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Title: Kinetics of trans-cis isomerization in azobenzene dimers at an air-water interface
Authors: Kumar, Bharat
Suresh, K.A.
Keywords: isomerisation
organic compounds
reaction kinetics
Issue Date: 3-Aug-2009
Publisher: The American Physical Society
Citation: Physical Review E, 2009, Vol.80, p021601
Abstract: We have studied the kinetics of trans to cis isomerization under the illumination of ultraviolet light, in the Langmuir monolayer of mesogenic azobenzene dimer, bis-[5-(4[prime]-n-dodecyloxy benzoyloxy)-2-(4[double-prime]-methylphenylazo)phenyl] adipate, at an air-water interface. We find that the trans to cis isomerization reaction of the molecules in the monolayer shows deviation from the first-order kinetics unlike those reported on Langmuir monolayers of azobenzene molecules. We attribute the deviation from first-order kinetics to the simultaneous photoisomerization of trans isomers to form cis isomers and the reverse thermal isomerization of cis isomers to form trans isomers. Our analysis of the rate of change of mole fraction of trans isomers to form cis isomers indicates a first-order kinetics for trans to cis photoisomerization reaction and a second-order kinetics for cis to trans thermal isomerization reaction. This second-order kinetics mechanism is similar to the Lindemann-Hinshelwood mechanism for the unimolecular reactions at low concentration of reactants. The formation of the activated cis isomer by collisions is a slow process as compared to the decay of the activated cis isomer to trans isomer in the liquid expanded phase. This results in the second-order kinetics for the thermal isomerization of cis isomers.
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ISSN: 1539-3755-P
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Copyright: 2009 by the American Physical Society
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