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Title: GRB 030329: 3 years of radio afterglow monitoring
Authors: van der Horst, A.J.
Kamble, Atish P.
Wijers, R.A.M.J.
Resmi, L.
Bhattacharya, D.
Rol, E.
Strom, R.
Kouveliotou, C.
Oosterloo, T.A.
Ishwara-Chandra, C.H.
Keywords: gamma-ray bursts
radio afterglows
afterglow modelling
Issue Date: Feb-2007
Publisher: Royal Society of London
Citation: Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A, 2007, Vol.365, p1241
Abstract: Radio observations of gamma-ray burst (GRB) afterglows are essential for our understanding of the physics of relativistic blast waves, as they enable us to follow the evolution of GRB explosions much longer than the afterglows in any other wave band. We have performed a 3-year monitoring campaign of GRB 030329 with the Westerbork Synthesis Radio Telescopes and the Giant Metrewave Radio Telescope. Our observations, combined with observations at other wavelengths, have allowed us to determine the GRB blast wave physical parameters, such as the total burst energy and the ambient medium density, as well as to investigate the jet nature of the relativistic outflow. Further, by modelling the late-time radio light curve of GRB 030329, we predict that the Low-Frequency Array (30–240MHz) will be able to observe afterglows of similar GRBs, and constrain the physics of the blast wave during its non-relativistic phase.
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ISSN: E-ISSN: 1471-2962
P-ISSN: 1364-503X
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Copyright: 2007 The Royal Society
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