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Title: Experimental studies on a triply reentrant mesogen
Authors: Shashidhar, R.
Ratna, B.R.
Surendranath, V.
Raja, V.N.
Krishna Prasad, S.
Nagabhushan, C.
Issue Date: 1985
Publisher: Les Ulis : Les Editions de Physique
Citation: Journal de Physique Lettres, 1985, Vol.46, pL445-L450
Abstract: We present here the results of our detailed optical, X-ray, high pressure and dielectric studies on 4-nonyloxyphenyl-4'-nitrobenzoyloxybenzoate (DB9ONO2), a triply reentrant compound which exhibits the following sequence of transitions at atmospheric pressure on cooling the isotropic phase: I-N-Ad-Nre-Ad(re)-Nre-A1-C-A2-C2. The existence of the A2 phase, not reported so far in this compound, is clearly shown from our studies.
Description: Restricted Access.
ISSN: 0302-072X
Copyright: 1985 Les Ulis : Les Editions de Physique
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