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Title: Nonequilibrium work fluctuations for oscillators in non-Markovian baths
Authors: Mai, Trieu
Dhar, Abhishek
Issue Date: Jun-2007
Publisher: American Physical Society
Citation: Physical Review E, 2007, Vol.75, p061101
Abstract: We study work fluctuation theorems for oscillators in non-Markovian heat baths. By calculating the work distribution function for a harmonic oscillator with motion described by the generalized Langevin equation, the Jarzynski equality (JE), transient fluctuation theorem (TFT), and Crooks' theorem (CT) are shown to be exact. In addition to this derivation, numerical simulations of anharmonic oscillators indicate that the validity of these nonequilibrium theorems does not depend on the memory of the bath. We find that the JE and the CT are valid under many oscillator potentials and driving forces, whereas the TFT is not applicable when the driving force is asymmetric in time and the potential is asymmetric in position.
Description: Open Access.
ISSN: 1539-3755
1550-2376 (online)
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Copyright: 2007 American Physical Society
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