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Title: Cholesteric shear flow normal to the helical axis: The effect of a magnetic field
Authors: Kini, U.D.
Issue Date: 1980
Publisher: Heyden
Citation: Proceedings of the international liquid crystals conference, Bangalore, 1979. Ed. S Chandrasekhar. Heyden, 1980, p255-261
Abstract: The effects of shear rate (S) and magnetic field applied normal to the cholesteric helical axis are studied on the basis of the continuum theory for steady state flow. For twisted HBAB and MBBA the variation of the apparent viscosity (η) with S is found to be opposite, leading one to speculate the possible postponement of the roll instability threshold in HBAB by the addition of chiralic impurities. At low S a sufficiently strong, magnetic field can pro- foundly influence η, though at high S the shear dominates. At low S for general asymmetric solutions the oscillations of η with pitch are analytically shown to be strongly influenced by the value of the twist angle at the centre when the pitch is of the order of the sample thickness. This consideration could be important in flow experiments on long pitch cholesterics.
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ISSN: 0-85501-163-7
Copyright: 1980 Heyden
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