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Title: NMR and EPR studis of the phase transitions in the discogen [1,3-(p-n-octyloxy-phenyl)propane-1,3-dionato]Cu-(II)
Authors: Bose, Monisha
Sadashiva, B.K.
Issue Date: 1991
Publisher: Gordon and Breach Science Publishers.
Citation: Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals Letters, 1991, Vol.8, p59-65
Abstract: The Crystal  discotic  isotropic phase transitions in the octyloxy-phenyl substituted Cu complex (C80- Cu) has for the first time been studied from IH NMR. The wide Lorentzian line in the discotic phase indicates a comparatively ordered structure with some degree of fluidity. However, the splitted lines in the isotropic phase results from disordering. C80-CU has an asymme- tric central line (d 145 Oe) with a complex hyperfine structure (h.f.s.) in EPR. A blurring of h.f.s. occurs in the discotic phase and the weak set of h.f. lines disappear in the isotropic phase. These NMR and EPR results are in conformity with the lamellar structure proposed for C80-Cu.
Description: Restricted Access.
ISSN: 0140-6566
Copyright: 1991 OPA (Overseas Publishers Association) N.V.
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