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Title: Kerr effect in the isotropic phase of p-azoxyanisole
Authors: Madhusudana, N.V.
Chandrasekhar, S.
Issue Date: 1974
Publisher: Springer-Verlag
Citation: Liquid Crystals and Ordered Fluids Vol. 2, Ed. by J F Johnson & R S Porter, Plenum, 1974, p657-662
Abstract: The electric birefringence in the isotropic phase of p-azoxyanisole is evaluated in terms of the pheno- menological model of de Gennes. It is shown that when the contributions of the polarizability and the permanent dipole moment are taken into account there should occur a reversal of sign of the birefringence a few degrees above the nematic-isotropic transition point Tc. The result is in accordance with experiment
Description: Restricted Access.
Copyright: 1974 Springer-Verlag
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