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Title: From low-mass X-ray binaries to binary and millisecond pulsars
Authors: Bhattacharya, D.
Issue Date: 1992
Publisher: Kluwer
Citation: Proceedings of the NATO ASI on X-ray binaries and recycled pulsars. 1991, Santa Barbara. Eds. E. P. J. van. den. Heuvel & S. A. Rappaport, p257, Kluwer, 1992, p257-268
Abstract: We review the origin of millisecond pulsars and low-mass binary pulsars &om low- mass X-ray binaries. Observations of such pulsars suggest that the existing evolutionary picture of low-mass X-ray binaries need major modifications. In particular, careful account has to be taken of the effect of the irradiation of the secondary star by high-energy radiation during the accretion phase, and by the radiation and particle wind from the pulsar after accretion ceases. Another element that has to be incorporated into this picture is the influence of accretion onto the neutron star and its spin evolution on its magnetic field strength.
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Copyright: 1992 Kluwer
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