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Title: The gas dynamics in the centre of the starburst M82
Authors: Wills, K.A.
Pedlar, A.
Muxlow, T.W.B.
Das, Mousumi
Issue Date: Jan-2001
Publisher: Astronomical Society of the Pacific
Citation: IAU Symposium, 2001, Vol.205, p378
Abstract: VLA A-array 21cm atomic hydrogen (HI) absorption observed against the central region of the starburst galaxy M82 and MERLIN HI absorption measurements which show HI absorption against 26 of the supernova remnants are presented. These observations are compared with the molecular (CO) and ionised ([NeII]) gas distributions and are used to constrain the dynamics and structure of the ionised, neutral and molecular gas in this starburst. Position-velocity diagrams of the HI distribution reveal an unusual `hole' feature which, when previously observed in CO, has been interpreted as an expanding superbubble contained within a ring of gas in solid body rotation. However, we interpret this feature as a signature of a nearly edge-on barred galaxy. In addition, we note that the CO, HI and [NeII] position-velocity diagrams reveal two main velocity gradients and we interpret these as gas moving on x1 and x2 orbits within a bar potential. Parameters of the bar are derived and the orientation of the disk and bar in M82 are discussed.
Description: Open Access. Galaxies and their Constituents at the Highest Angular Resolutions, Proceedings of IAU Symposium #205, held 15-18 August 2000 at Manchester, United Kingdom. Ed. R. T. Schilizzi, 2001
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Copyright: 2001 Astronomical Society of the Pacific
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