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Title: Nematic order in p-azoxyanisole and its dependence on pressure volume and temperature
Authors: Chandrasekhar, S.
Madhusudana, N.V.
Issue Date: 1973
Publisher: Gorden and Breach Science Publishers
Citation: Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals, 1973, Vol.24, p179-186
Abstract: The extension of the Maier-Saupe treatment of nematic liquid crystals discussed in previous papers is able to give a quantitative description of the following properties of p-azoxyanisole: (a) the volume change at the nematic-isotropic transition point Tc, (b) the temperature variation of the long range orientational order parameter sl at constant pressure, (c) the temperature variation of sl at constant volume, (d) the volume variation of Sl at constant temperature, and (e) the pressure invariance of sl at Tc.
ISSN: 1058-725X
Copyright: 1973 Gorden and Breach Science Publishers.
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