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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Citation
Oct-2012Molecular dynamics study of a protein-water interface – The role of bound waterAishwarya, S.; Rajkamal; Vijayaraghavan, D.Proceedings of International Conference on Research in Condensed Matter Physics, held at University of Madras, Chennai, India, October 2012, :Dr. Rita John & Dr. Tamio Endo; p 227-229
11-Jul-2019Influence of Coulombic Interaction on the Interfacial Self-Assembly of Discotic Liquid Crystal Amphiphiles: A Combined Experimental and Computer Simulation StudyVerma, Prakhar; Erimban, Shakkira; Kumar, Sandeep; +3 Co-AuthorsJournal of Physical Chemistry C, 2019. Vol 123, p16681−16689
11-Oct-2018Mechanochemical feedback control of dynamin independent endocytosis modulates membrane tension in adherent cellsThottacherry, Joseph Jose; Kumar, Amit; Pullarkat, Pramod A.; + 15 Co-AuthorsNature Communications, 2017, Vol. 9, AN 4217
1-Dec-1995Covariant elasticity and dislocations in smectic-C' liquid crystalsHatwalne, Yashodhan; Lubensky, T.C.Physical Review E, 1995, Vol. 52, p6240
3-Jul-2019Magnetic field dependence of the hexagonal to isotropic transition temperature of a single-walled carbon nanotubes dispersed lyotropic liquid crystalVijayaraghavan, D.; Mishra, Jai; Thejas, R.Phase Transitions, 2019, Vol. 92, p 634
1-Dec-2019A non-enzymatic electrochemical sensor based on ZrO2: Cu(I) nanosphere modified carbon paste electrode for electro-catalytic oxidative detection of glucose in raw Citrus aurantium var. sinensisParashuram, L.; Sreenivasa, S.; Kumar, Sandeep; +2 Co-AuthorsFood Chemistry,2019, Vol.300, p125178
Aug-2019Thermal/photophysical properties of cyanobiphenyl based unsymmetrical molecules: synthesis and evaluationSrinivasa, H.T.; Palakshamurthy, B. S.; Venkatesha, M. A.Materials Today: Proceedings,2019, Vol.17, p41-50
Aug-2019Simple model for the stripe phase in compounds with bent-core molecules which exhibit a lower-temperature ferroelectric smectic-A phaseMadhusudana, N.V.Physical Review E, 2018, Vol.100, p022706
Aug-2019Clusters of B7 Fibers Reveal Origin of Blue Phase Stability in a Binary Mixture of Chiral Rod-like and Achiral Bent-Core MoleculesPrutha, N; Pratibha, R.Langmuir 2019, Vol.35, p11200−11209
20-Aug-2019Chiral liquid crystals: Synthesis and characterization for thermal and mesomorphic propertiesSrinivasa, H.T.Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals, 2019, Vol. 680, p10-19