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Title: Chiral symmetry breaking in three-dimensional smectic-C liquid-crystal domains
Authors: Pullarkat, Pramod A.
Hatwalne, Yashodhan
Madhusudana, N.V.
Issue Date: 1997
Publisher: The American Physical Society
Citation: Physical Review E, 1997, Vol.56, R4935-4938
Abstract: We report an observation of a unique type of spontaneous chiral symmetry breaking in three-dimensional domains of a smectic-C material consisting of achiral molecules. The observed helical structure clearly demonstrates the effect of an elastic coupling between the bend and the twist distortions in the c field. The sign and the magnitude of the coupling coefficient are determined experimentally. We also demonstrate that an external chiral bias field favors domains of one handedness.
ISSN: 1550-2376 (online)
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Copyright: (1997) by the American Physical Society
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