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Title: Flow-induced voltage and current generation in carbon nanotubes
Authors: Ghosh, Shankar
Sood, A.K.
Ramaswamy, S.
Kumar, N.
Issue Date: 22-Nov-2004
Publisher: The American Physical Society
Citation: Physical Review B, 2004, Vol.70, 205423
Abstract: New experimental results, and a plausible theoretical understanding thereof, are presented for the flow-induced currents and voltages observed in single-walled carbon nanotube samples. In our experiments, the electrical response was found to be sublinear—nearly logarithmic—in the flow speed over a wide range, and its direction could be controlled by an electrochemical biasing of the nanotubes. These experimental findings are inconsistent with the conventional idea of a streaming potential as the efficient cause. Here we present Langevin-equation based treatment of the nanotube charge carriers, assumed to be moving in the fluctuating field of ions in the flowing liquid. The resulting "Doppler-shifted" force-force correlation, as seen by the charge carriers drifting in the nanotube, is shown to give a sublinear response, broadly in agreement with experiments.
ISSN: 1098-0121
1550-235X (online)
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Copyright: (2004) by the American Physical Society
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