Submission Guide

If you are a member of the Raman Research Institute then we would like you to deposit copies of your research output (Preprints, Published papers in journals/conference proceedings, Book chapters) in our repository.  You can do this by one of two methods:


Full text of publications: We will only be able to host full text of publications in our repository where the publisher permits it or where their explicit permission has been secured.  You may be interested to know that a large number of publishers do permit self-archiving of some version or other of the publication. The section on Copyright Issues deals with this.


Bibliographic details only: Where it is not possible for the full text of the publication to be made available in the repository or on a personal web site, we plan to make only the bibliographic details available.  If possible, we will provide a link to an alternate location, e.g. on a publisher’s site.  In this case, only subscribers to the journal in question will be able to follow the link and access the full text. 


Through the RRI Library

Please e-mail an electronic copy (preferably PDF) of your publication to dspace@rri.res.in. It is important that you include the following publication details as a covering note:

  • document type (preprint | conference paper | conference poster | journal paper | technical report | book chapter)
  • author(s)
  • department affiliation of RRI author(s):
  • title of the publication
  • citation (journal/ conference/ book title and other details)
  • journal publisher (if you know)
  • date of issue/ publication
  • technical report number (if any)
  • keywords

The library staff will then deposit the publication for you after checking the copyright policies of the publisher. Please note that we will only host material that we are legally entitled to.

The publication will then appear in the repository as soon as possible.


By Self Deposit

1.      Register with the archive

  • Go to the My DSpace  page and fill in your email address and other details
  • The system will email you requesting confirmation of your registration
  • Activate your registration as instructed in the email
  • Fill in your personal details


2.      Authorization

  • Send an email to dspace@rri.res.in with details of the collection you wish to deposit your item into.
  • After checking your details to make sure you are a member of RRI, the DSpace project staff will then auhorize you to submit to this collection.

3.      Deposit your publication

  • First check if it already exists in the repository by using the search and browse features of the repository
  • Go to the My DSpace page, log in and click on the "Start New Submission" button
  • Choose the relevant collection.
  • You will need to enter the following details in the submission interface:
  • The full title & author list for your article
  • The publication details for your article
  • The abstract of your article
  • Upload (copy) your PDF to the repository
  • Review your submission details


Your submission will be checked and, after a few days, will appear in our repository.

For in depth help on the submission process you can access the DSpace help files, which are located at the left hand corner of the repository's homepage.  For more information about anything related to the repository please contact: dspace-help@rri.res.in