Submission Guide

Why deposit in RRI Digital Repository?

  • Brings global visibility
  • Enhances citation
  • Long term preservation
  • Deposition on IR will optimize indexing and retrieval through popular search engines such as Google Scholar

What may be deposited into RRI Digital Repository?

  • Research publications of members of RRI in scholarly journals
  • Papers published in Conference proceedings
  • Books
  • Book Chapters
  • Patents
  • Technical reports
  • Theses and Dissertations
  • Lectures delivered in any platform  including popular lectures (Audio/Video/Text format)
  • Photographs
  • Newspaper information associated with RRI
  • Science related news on RRI

Who can deposit into RRI Digital Repository?

  • Authors – Self archiving (Faculty, Technical staff and bonafied students of RRI)
  • Library staff

How to Deposit?

By Self Deposition

        Register with the archive

    • Go to the My DSpace  page and fill in your email address and other details
    • The system will email you, requesting confirmation of your registration
    • Activate your registration as instructed in the email
    • Fill in your personal details and submit.


    • Send an email to library@rri.res.in with details of the collection you wish to deposit your item into.
    • After verifying the details of your RRI association, the DSpace project staff will authorize you to submit to the RRI Digital Repository.

    Deposit your publication

    • First step is to check if the proposed article for deposition already exists in the repository by using the search and browse features of the repository
    • Go to the My DSpace page, log in and click on the "Start New Submission" button
    • Choose the relevant collection.
    • Enter the following details in the submission interface:
    • The full title & author list of your article
    • The publication details of  your article
    • The abstract of your article
    • Upload the article in PDF to the repository
    • Review your submission details
    • Accept terms and conditions by clicking on the "I Grant the license" button
    • Submit

    Your submission will be verified by the Dspace administrator  and submission will be approved and uploaded.

    For in depth help on the submission process you can access the DSpace help files, which are located at the left hand corner of the repository's homepage.  For more information about anything related to the repository please contact: library@rri.res.in

    Through the RRI Library

    Authors are requested to e-mail an electronic copy (preferably PDF) of thier publication to library@rri.res.in. It is important to include the following publication details as a covering note:

    • Document type (Research paper journals/Conference proceedings/Books/Book Chapters/Patents/Technical reports/Theses and Dissertations/Lectures/Photographs/Newspaper clippings)
    • author(s) names
    • department affiliation of RRI author(s):
    • title of the publication
    • citation (journal/ conference/ book title and other details)
    • journal publisher (if you know)
    • date of issue/publication
    • technical report number (if any)
    • Abstract
    • keywords

    The library staff will deposit the publication on author’s behalf after checking the copyright policies of the publisher. Please note that - RRI Digital repository will host only those materials that are legally permissible.