Copyright Issues

The RRI Digital Repository hosts the research publications of Raman Research Institute and makes bibliographic information freely available.  However, all those papers beyond the embargo period as specified by the corresponding publisher are made open access in RRI Repository.  This is mainly because of the concern associated with the open access repository in the light of copyright issues of the publishers.

Publishers make it mandatory for authors to sign copyright transfer agreement prior to the publication of research articles.  The terms and conditions of the copyright transfer agreement vary from publisher to publisher. So, the rights that authors retain also will vary accordingly.  The following guidelines will help authors before signing the copyright transfer agreement. 

  1. Before signing the agreement, find out the version that publisher permits authors to deposit on institutional repositories or author’s web page. 
  2. Some agreements are not explicit about deposition in repositories. It is better to get this clarified before getting into agreement.
  3. Always try to get the latest information regarding IR policy from the publisher’s website.
  4. The following sources are helpful in determining the self-archiving policy
  • The SHERPA/RoMEO publisher Policies List (search by Journal titile or publisher)
  • The Eprints/RoMEO Publisher Policies List (search by Journal title)
  • Publisher’s website

Interpreting copyright agreements

The following explanations of terms commonly used will help authors to decide whether they are permitted to deposit their articles in repositories or not.  

  • Preprints:  Many publishers do permit authors to make the preprint version of the article available in repositories.  By this they are referring to the pre-refereed version.  If an author has deposited paper in the arXiv preprint server, then he/she could deposit the same in institutional repository.
  • Post-refereed version (Postprints): Some publishers will allow the post-refereed, final author version to get deposited  in institutional repositories, but not in the PDF format as they appears in the journal.
  • Publisher’s PDF: Some publishers prefer the final PDF version to be used, as this is a clear indication that an article in a repository is the bona-fide version.
  • Personal web site:  Some publishers permit authors to have copies of  their publications made available on a personal website, but not on an institutional repository.  However this can be addressed by an institutional repository administrator by making personal webpage of authors as alternate location.