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Title: The correlated Hartree-Fock equations and the generalised density matrices
Authors: Viswanathan, K.S.
Keywords: Density Matrice
Slater Determinant
Correlation Factor
Helium Atom
Energy Matrix
Issue Date: Apr-1961
Publisher: Indian Academy of Sciences
Citation: Proceedings of the Indian Academy of Sciences A, 1961, Vol.53, p169-194
Abstract: The paper deals with a study of correlation effects in many-electron systems. Coulomb correlation is introduced into the theory by multiplying the Slater determinant formed from the one-electron orbitals by a correlation factor which is a symmetric and increasing function of the inter-electronic distances. The integro-differential equations satisfied by the best one-electron orbitals have been been deduced for non-stationary systems. From the extended Hartree-Fock equations given by Löwdin, the integro-differential equations satisfied by the density matrices have been derived. An expression for the energy-matrix of the system which is helpful in deriving a correlated Thomas-Fermi charge distribution, has also been given.
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Copyright: Indian Academy of Sciences
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