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Title: A one-​step preparation of 2,​6,​6-​trimethylcyclohexa-​1,​3-​diene-​1-​carboxaldehyde (safranal) from a mixture of 2,​6,​6-​trimethylcyclohex-​1- and 2-​ene-​1-​carboxaldehydes (cyclocitrals)
Authors: Kumar, Sandeep
Kulkarni, Ashok Krishna
Sukh, Dev
Keywords: Terpenes and Terpenoids
Issue Date: 8-Jul-1989
Citation: Indian IN 164,929 (Cl.C07C47/42), 08 Jul 1989; 9pp
Abstract: Safranal (I) is prepd. by treatment of a mixt. of α- and β-​cyclocitrals (II) with Br2 in a solvent to give 3-​bromo-​2,​6,​6-​trimethylcyclohex-​1-​ene-​1-​carboxaldehyde, which is dehydrobrominated in situ with a base. Thus, a mixt. of 1 kg II (α​/β = 8:2) and 1 g p-​MeC6H4SO3H.H2O in 5 L DMF was treated with 350 mL Br2 at 5-​20° over 4 h, followed by stirring for 1 h and addn. of 731 g Li2CO3 at 20-​35° over 1 h. After heating at 100-​110° for 13 h, the mixt. was cooled and extd. and the product flash distd. in vacuo to give 73​% crude I.
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