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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Citation
8-Dec-1997Mr. Arumugam-Farewell held on 8th Dec 1997
9-Jun-1997Mr. BasavarajVerghese, RajuFarewell held on 9th June 1997
Dec-1999Dr. A. RatnakarVerghese, RajuFarewell held on Dec-1999
30-Nov-2013Mr. P. G. AnathsubramanianVerghese, RajuFarewell held on 30th November 2013
2004Mr. Arputh RajVerghese, RajuFarewell held on 2004
1995Dr. Richard RieszVerghese, RajuFarewell held on 1995
5-Aug-1989Mrs. Jayanthi Ramachandran and Mr T Ramachandran-Farewell held on 5th August 1989
1983Prof. Ramesh Narayan-Farewell held on 1983
31-Aug-2002Mr. T. SubramaniVerghese, RajuFarewell held on 31 August 2002
30-Nov-1989Mr. Kudhus-Farewell held on 30th November 1989