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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Citation
1971Some high pressure studies in metal and alloysRamaseshan, S.Lecture deliverd at Indian Institute of Metals
1979Processing of materials in spaceRamaseshan, S.Materials Science Bulletin, 1979, Vol. 1, p1
1977The many uses of compositesRamaseshan, S.; Balasubramanian, N.Science Today, 1977, p13
1971Determination of the polarization vectors of lattice waves by anomalous neutron scatteringRamesh, T.G.; Ramaseshan, S.Acta Crystallographica , 1971, Vol.27, p332
1971Application of x-ray and electron spectroscopy to materials scienceRamesh, T.G.; Ramaseshan, S.NAL Scientific Review, 1971, p1
Nov-1977Semiconducting ytterbium at high temperaturesShubha, V.; Ramesh, T.G.; Ramaseshan, S.Journal of Physics F, 1977, Vol. 7, p2367-2371
1976A new approach to repulsion in ionic crystalsNarayan, R.; Ramaseshan, S.Journal of PHysics and Chemistry of Solids, 1976, Vol, 37, p395-402
1974Compressive energy of ions in ionic crystalsNarayan, R.; Ramaseshan, S.Pramana, 1974, Vol.3, p143-155
1970Anomalous neutron scattering by crystals and the amplitudes of vibration of lattice wavesRamaseshan, S.; Viswanathan, K.S.Acta Crystallographica A, 1970, Vol.26, p364
1974Thermoelectric power of cerium at high pressuresRamesh, T.G.; Reshamwala, A.S.; Ramaseshan, S.Pramana, 1974, Vol.2, 171-178