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Title: Driving method of liquid crystal display element and driving circuit
Authors: Kuwata, Takeshi
Ruckmongathan, T.N.
Nagano, Hideyuki
Yamashita, Takashi
Hasebe, Hiroshi
Ko, Hidemasa
Kakagawa, Yutaka
Onishi, Takanori
Subject: Liquid Crystal Displays
Issue Date: 6-Jun-2003
Citation: Japanese Patent JP2003162269 (A) 2003, Japanese Patent JP3500382 (B2) 2004
Abstract: PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To drive liquid crystal display elements, that utilize high speed responding liquid crystals, with high speed switching. ;SOLUTION: L row electrodes are batch selected in plurality. The selection voltage is set to a voltage level of either +V<SB>r</SB>or -V<SB>r</SB>. Column vector elements of a K-th orthogonal matrix (where K is a power of two and is equal to or greater than L) having +V<SB>r</SB>and -V<SB>r</SB>as elements are made corresponding to the selection voltages to be applied to respective row electrodes. On the other hand, a voltage having a level corresponding to the total sum of exclusive OR of corresponding elements of a data vector and a selection voltage vector is applied to column electrodes.
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Copyright: 2003 JPO
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