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Title: Classical and quantum aspects of gravitation and cosmology
Authors: Date, G
Iyer, B.R.
Keywords: Physics
Issue Date: 1996
Publisher: Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai
Citation: Classical and quantum aspects of gravitation and cosmology: Proceedings of IAGRG -XVIII February 15-17 1996 dedicated to S. Chandrasekhar . Edited by G. Date and B.R. Iyer
Series/Report no.: Institute of Mathematical Sciences Report;117
Abstract: Prof. Naresh Dadhich suggested the idea that the XVIII conference of the IAGRG may be hosted by the Institute of Mathematical Sciences. There was a perception that while classical general relativity, gravitation, astrophysics, cosmology are active areas in their own right and as such have been discussed at the IAGRG meetings in the past, it is perhaps time now to expand the scope of these meetings to include the quantum gravity and particle physics aspects as well. Traditionally the general relativity community and the particle physics community have followed some what non overlapping developments. It would be mutually beneficial and healthier if both communities can interact more closely and share their experiences and perceptions. It is here that IMSc had a significant opportunity to play a role. Some of the members concurred with this perception and it is decided to host the XVIII Conference of the IAGRG at IMSc. Just around the time of deciding the announcement of this conference, Prof. S. Chandrasekhar passed away. In view of the phenomenal contributions of Chandra to General Relativity and Gravitation, it was but natural to dedicate this meeting to his memory. IMSc owes a special debt to Chandra as he played a crucial role in the foundation and the early stages of development of this Institute. Indeed the birth of the Institute of Mathematical Sciences was marked by the inaugural lecture by Prof. Chandrasekhar on January 3, 1962 in the lecture halls of Presidency College. This IMSc report reflects the envisaged expanded scope of the IAGRG meeting. Hopefully these proceedings will make the frontline developments accessible to a larger body of researchers in the country particularly to those from the universities and colleges
Description: Open Access
Copyright: 1997 Institute of Mathematical Sciences
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